Narine Arakelian

The artwork of Narine Arakelian is a synthesis of plastic and performing arts involving new digital technologies. Narine uses the intersection of sculpture, painting, multimedia and performing arts to question social freedom and gender identity, in particular our perception and experience of traditions connected to marriage. 

Narine Arakelian (Czech Republic) has worked on the expansion of the arts searching for ways to express the quintessential human yearning to make sense of the world. In her work Narine reacts to the changes in our perception and experience traditions connected to marriage, which were brought about by science, and new media. Using language of performance, video and installation Narine Arakelian created a world in which the interpenetration and intertwining of the illusory and true values in the life of a person, their social body and spiritual needs, full of contradictions, tensions, harmony and beauty are reflected. 

Arakelian focuses on marriage as a social gesture, and studies the ceremonial transition from one state to another. This transition is simultaneously denied and recognized by modern society and individual consciousness. The project is a result of fundamental research and artistic exploration of the themes of tradition and modernity, collective illusion and individual freedom, the entertainment industry, economic interest and the eternal desire for a better life, procreation, rebirth and immortality.