Gina Yu

For Gina Yu, painting is an emotional journaling, an expressive inhale and exhale, a heart practice. Like inhaling and exhaling, abstraction & figurative painting cannot be separated for her. Figure ground integration, one is part of the other. When lines lose their edge, when lines do not connect, when lines intimate there is a mass – they speak volumes, without having to. Negative space, white space, empty space fill the paper & complete the figure.
As a Chinese-American, I draw upon the experiences, traditions and values of two distinct cultures. I see myself as unique yet universal, for we are all outsiders or marginalized figures in one context or another. Being bicultural and bilingual means, at times, having dual points of view, other times, it’s belonging to neither world. My explorations are about the combining and layering of these two worlds to create works that speak of the synchronistic oppositions and the state of being ‘in between’.