Chris Towle

Chris Towle was born in a small picturesque town in Yorkshire, England. At odds with
school from an early age, he insisted on repeatedly running away. An insightful
teacher gave the five-year-old a lump of clay to work with, which instantly gripped
him and stopped him from leaving the classroom. Discovering clay was the catalyst
for a lifelong relationship with sculpture.
As an adult, Chris' talents led him to London and the Film Industry. He went on to
create sculptures and props for important films such as Gladiator, Lost in Space, Star
Wars, and many more.
He eventually moved to Los Angeles with his artist wife. Continuing his artistic career
in Hollywood, he contributed to great special effect movies like Jurassic Park, Time
Machine, Pirates, Avatar, Team America, and many more.
Chris is a master sculptor who has spent the last thirty years honing his skills. His
style and wry sense of humor are in the heritage of artists like Gerald Scarfe, Fluck
and Law of Spitting Image, and Robert Crumb.
Chris lives in Glendale, CA, with his wife and son.