Artist Statement

I am not unique. My work depends upon this basic assertion as an underpinning upon which
to build. Specifically, I realize that my life experiences are but a sampling of a broader
cultural tapestry; constituted by mutual events, objects, and relationships. My efforts on the
canvas seek to mine these core narratives and reconstitute them into meaningful
expressions from which I can engage the individual viewer.
The body of work produced is a tangential area where traditional narrative, abstraction, and
object-oriented works are bound and unified by paint, both literally and metaphorically.
Painting languages shift and fluctuate within individual pieces and across the body of work,
demonstrating painting’s ability to highlight the malleable nature of reality. This proclivity
towards painting is one concerned with holism within the medium, seeking to unify its
disparate past.

In my current body of work, I see my relationship with my partner transposed over a larger,
more archetypal theater. Specificity gives way to persona, as figures take on the guise of
familiar roles: the mother, the lover, the fool, and the serpent. Narratives constructed around
simple gestures and common motifs are cobbled together visually through visceral
applications of oil paint, plastic acrylic shapes, and carefully arranged spray marks. Flat,
ornate floral shapes mockingly dance around thick, heavy flesh. Deep melancholy and
absolute bliss permeate throughout the images.