Serge Serum

Artist Bio: 

Serge Serum is a self taught Los Angeles based artist who does not scare easily when 

it comes to the complexities of the human psyche. Growing up in rough 

neighborhoods with high gang violence allowed him to take interest in graffiti which 

later transition to fine art. Serum work often creates deliberate and visible tension 

of opposition between an almost violent application of paint to render facial features 

contrasting with the surrounding flatness of the image. His work has a curiously 

chaotic, and yet grounded feel to it. Serge endows a feeling of ease in existing within 

what seems to be a messy actuality. The bold style facilitates a sort of 

fill-in-the-blanks dialogue with viewers that is captivating. 


Solo Exhibitions
Lingered Memories-Last Projects- Los Angeles, Ca 1/2019
Left Uncertain...- James Black Gallery- Vancouver, Canada 3/2018
Yours Truly- The Ou Gallery- Duncan, BC, Canada- 2/2018
Wayward Fantasies-Funeral Diner-Portland, OR- 2/2017
To Take Comfort- Contemporary Gallery, Los Angeles, CA – 9/2017
Group Exhibitions
I Am Me and We Are Free- Hue Gallery- Kansas City 9/2018
House of Spirits- 1126 Gallery-Los Angeles, Ca 8/2018
Alteration- Loosen Art Gallery- Rome, Italy 7/2018
Queer Biennal- Naval Gallery- Los Angeles, Ca- 6/2018
Satellite Venue- Last Projects- Los Angeles, Ca- 6/2018
Equivocal-Vancouver Art Community- Vancouver, Canada 5/2018
Robots And Unicorns-The Hive Gallery- Los Angeles, Ca- 12/2017
-GIFC-Atlanta Contemporary-Atlanta- 12/2017
GIFC- Summit LA, Los Angeles, Ca- 11/2017
Summer Group Show-Red Bianco Gallery-Oslo Norway- 10/2017
Soulland-Soulland- Copenhagen, Denmark-9/2017
Drinkin' Smokin' & West Coastin'- Think Tank Gallery- Los Angeles, Ca- 8/2017

Summer Group Exhibition- Mcaulay & Co Fine Art- Vancouver, B.C. – 8/2017
Summer of Love: Reflections on Pulse- Albin Polasek Museum- Orlando,FL- 5/2017
Royal Trash-Bethnal Green- London, England 4/2017
Stay Forever-Design Festa Gallery- Tokyo, Japan 4/2017
The Fuchur-Think Tank Gallery- Los Angeles,CA- 12/2016
Tartarus Magazine-Artist Interview- 12/2018
Tunnel Magazine-Artist Interview- 9/2017
Animals Magazine-Featured Artist-4/2017
Into the Void Magazine-Featured Artist-4/2017
Subvrt Magazine-Featured Artist-3/2017
Femini Magazine-Featured Artist-2016
Private Collection- Los Angeles, CA
Private Collection- Portland, OR

Artist Statement: 

Past trauma, lingered memories and the vices of human behavior is the force behind the 

work I create. I portray different personas and identities that have affected my life 

through portraiture and figurative paintings. Using mixed media, I employ different 

textures and heavy brushstrokes next to delicate details and often warm colors next to soft 

neutrals. Most paintings go through a journey and long process of dissatisfaction often 

getting painted over. Several layers are endured which adds to the overall thickness of 

paint and substance of the pick ece. The textures in my work I like to think of undergo 

scars. It serves a metaphor of the people I painted and the struggles, frustration and 

emotional scars abide.