LUSTER - Making Forests out of Trees

July 2, 2019
Haleh Mashian in front of her LUSTER paintings
Haleh Mashian in front of her LUSTER paintings

MASH Gallery presents LUSTER by Santa Monica artist Haleh Mashian, showcasing a collection of contemporary work of non-traditional impasto techniques.


LUSTER is an artistic journey spontaneously uncovering expressions of abstraction. Haleh Mashian composes her collection over a series of quick actions. Moving around each painting, she applies a variety of dimensional elements onto each surface. Her final compositions hold secrets embellished within thick applications of glitter, gold, and silver. Each painting contributes to Mashian’s style of lyric poetry celebrating the mysteries of the forest.


Shown above is Blue Moon, one of Mashian’s paintings from the LUSTER Exhibition.


Peter Frank, art critic and curator for the LUSTER Exhibition remarks on the works, “Haleh Mashian does not paint trees. She does not paint forests. She paints the condition that persists between trees and forests and those of us who enter those forests, who approach those trees as manifestations of energy and mood. These are paintings of presences, and at the same time of emotional and mental weather. These are not evocations of places so much as evocations of feelings.”


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