Urban Anatomy--Marko Gavrilovic Talks About his work in After the Rain, pt. I

July 21, 2021
The Second Gate
The Second Gate, 2016

After the Rain by artist Marko Gavrilovic is the latest exhibition in Mash Gallery. Gavrilovic envisions a world where the rain stops falling and within that a new landscape in the process of rebuilding itself. The artist explores rain in its many forms–political, philosophical, conspiratorial, acidity, and hope. Through that hope is reconciliation, along with the looming question of what will humanity do after the rain stops falling. Gavrilovic conveys various subject matters, such as anatomical form, humanity, civilization, and the flow that connects everyone in the universe.


With his depictions of cities, Gavrilovic doesn’t solely focus on the accuracy of perspective. Rather, he utilizes composition to determine if the important elements are in the right place. He also utilizes shadows as graphical symbols to give his work tension and mystery, combining that with the use of gates and portals. It begs the question of what lies on the other side. The Second Gate is Gavrilovic’s attempt to convey the message of universality.


“You can see a city that is not necessarily New York, but also Los Angeles,” Gavrilovic said. “It is a city that is universal. There are buildings that may look like those cities, but it wasn’t intentional. This piece explores the idea of gates and portals. I think that in this world, gates can place us in another dimension and help us in all sorts of ways.” Gavrilovic pointed out another key symbol–the approval or rejection of a new beginning. “The person at the bottom is embracing the idea of living another life,” Gavrilovic explains. “There is another person who is scared and running out of the gate. He is not interested in it. The flow of my painting is like time that moves.”


Gavrilovic also illustrates human ambition, the obstacles we face, and what comes next after we finally complete our achievements.

It's Time To Grow

It's Time to Grow, 2018


“I made a few of these pieces, and they are about civilization today and how we live in cities,” Gavrilovic said in regards to his piece, It’s Time to Grow. “You can see that there are people at the top of the buildings.  The idea is we want to climb to the top, whether socially or in our business. Once we get up there, we’re unsure of what to do next or where to go from there. The business figures are questioning their success and what they can do next.”


Blue City of Angels

Blue City of Angels, 2018


Journey to the Yellow Mountain

Journey to the Yellow Mountain, 2016

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