Urban Anatomy--Marko Gavrilovic Talks About his work in After the Rain, Pt. II

July 28, 2021
Enlightened Man, 2017
Enlightened Man, 2017

The human form–along with amorphous and constructive shapes–are important in Gavrilovic’s work. He combines abstract and realist approaches and combines lines that flow seamlessly with each other.                                

“With this anatomical piece, I wanted to explore anatomy more than usual because I wanted to go into human civilization and who we are,” he said, in regards to his painting Forever Man.



“At first, I wanted to create a green and yellow man. When I started to work, I figured out that this man’s face and its lines are white. But when you look further, the eyes are black. I wanted to create a symbiotic piece, as if saying ‘we are all one.’ Around the human body, you can see fragments of the past and future. It’s the entire world that we’re living in and where we have lived.”



Gavrilovic uses vigorous and vibrant colors in his pieces, as shown in his works Urban Anatomy I and Urban Anatomy II. “These are the oldest pieces in the exhibition,” Gavrilovic said. “They are anatomical works and part of a series in black and yellow, which started as an exploration of what colors I can use to make it more interesting.”


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