Urban Anatomy--Marko Gavrilovic Talks About his work in After the Rain, Pt. III

August 4, 2021
Ocean Renegade, 2020
Ocean Renegade, 2020

Gavrilovic was fascinated by the differences and similarities between sharks and people. He observed that both of these apex predators are connected through their natural instincts and struggle for survival.



“I’m very impressed with sharks with how old and dangerous they are,” Gavrilovic said when discussing his piece, The Endless Sea Inside. “Sharks are a symbol of fear, power, strength, and nature. You can see the shark in the air and it’s floating. Within the shark is a city that is its body. Its influence is really big and its middle consists of the sea. It’s the only part of its body that’s still natural."




Gavrilovic also goes into detail about Levitator. “It shows the influences of what we are doing to our planet,” he said. “Around the shark, we have a natural environment. Inside the shark is more urban, which shows how it's the opposite to the previous painting.” 


The Anatomy of the Sea

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