11 January - 1 February 2020

MASH Gallery opens 2020 with DON’T REPEAT. DON’T REPEAT. a fully immersive exhibition that celebrates to the highest degree the definition of juxtaposition.


A solo exhibition, featuring a collection of oil paintings by artist C von Hassett, curated by Amanda Brown of The Resin Collection and MASH Gallery owner, Haleh Mashian.


DON’T REPEAT. DON’T REPEAT. serves to provoke a difficult conversation and to challenge society's approach to the deeply uncomfortable. The fundamentals of art is culture and this exhibition shines a spotlight on the human race and the cultural crisis of the past, present and future.


“… this one series – as perhaps with each of the paintings in this exhibition – merely acknowledges, with a cold eye, the sheer mundanity of malice amongst mortals and the machinations of an elected class of men who solely see self-gain through acts of duplicity and unrepentant plunder.” - C von Hassett


C von Hassett is not only a prolific painter, he is also a published poet and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Riot Material Magazine. His book “The Boundary Stone” as well as copies of Riot Material Magazine will be available opening night.


Curator statement: "I wanted to create a cacophony of thought within this immersive exhibition experience. As we view paintings in our privileged and safe environments, we become an ironic installation without even knowing it." - Amanda Brown


Curator statement: "What do we gain by guarding our hearts and suppressing those intense and unpleasant emotions? Do our indifferences lend power to the dark forces? Evil is merely a shadow without an inherent power. If you shine light on the darkest of shadows, it will disappear." -Haleh Mashian


MASH is pleased to announce the launch of audio tours in 2020. Starting with DON’T REPEAT. DON’T REPEAT. guests are welcome to enjoy a curated audio experience during the duration of each exhibition.