FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING: Haleh Mashian Solo Exhibition

24 October - 31 December 2020

Figuratively Speaking


Join us October 24, 2020 from 1-7 p.m. outside of MASH Gallery for the entirely Outdoor Opening Reception for FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING, an inspiring, thought-provoking solo exhibition of the works of Haleh Mashian. A momentous 20-year retrospective exhibition of figurative and contemporary work, the women depicted in FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING incarnate organic freedom, which cultivates to full bloom on canvas. The Outdoor Opening Reception will also feature live music from a Rumba Falmenco band from Spain.


Mashian is inspired by the female form, which is always distinct in her work— from abstract figures to more realistic renderings—the strength of Mashian’s “characters” shines through. Women are depicted as sexual, powerful, and exactly who they are—without having to capitulate to masculinity as a show of strength. These women are not hard-edged or defiant. They are facets of the internal woman—who embodies a fluid grace, an essential femininity, an inner fortitude. Mashian’s Fuchsia Series employs the immediacy of portraiture and the pop feel of the color fuchsia to celebrate the internal and external in her woman characters.