MASH City Featured in Forbes Magazine

Bianca Salonga, Forbes Magazine, October 19, 2020

MASH CITY is an art inspired lifestyle brand founded by LA-based painter and gallery owner, Haleh Mashian. Pieces from the label are distinguished by striking digital art work created by the founder herself. Through this passion project, both art and fashion meet to create urban style staples. Haleh explains, “Art can come in any shape or form, and I saw an opportunity to incorporate my digital paintings into different styles of clothing and fashion accessories to create a truly unique look.”


The Live Swim Lounge Collection features both outerwear and resort pieces for the quick holiday getaway. Much like her digital art, prints on the pieces evoke liveliness, fun, optimism and adventure. They dare to be bright and stand out. “Because it’s about evoking some kind of emotional response in the clothing line as well. I wanted to bring the same spirit of making a painting into making a garment. They all come from the same place, creativity. Also, clothing doesn’t need to be boring to be of good quality. You can have it all, comfort, design, humor, and inspiration, while walking around. More than ever now, why so serious?" ends Haleh.