Love is Love

David Jester
Love is Love

Not Quite Here

Michael Vilkin
Not Quite Here

Smalltown Boy

Jon Pannier
Smalltown Boy

I'm Comfortable

Ivan Madrigal
I'm Comfortable

Mr. Hyde

Haleh Mashian
Mr. Hyde

Brustelo Beach

Aaron Sheppard
Brustelo Beach

⋆ MASH Gallery now offers an easier way to purchase art in installments through ART MONEY. All of our available artworks can now be purchased in up to 10 installments, in 10 months, with no interest! 

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Established in 2018 under the visionary leadership of renowned expressionist painter Haleh Mashian, MASH Gallery stands as a premier destination for contemporary art and among the best art galleries in Los Angeles. Originally located in the vibrant Arts District of Downtown LA, MASH Gallery took a bold step forward in 2022, relocating to the heart of the design district in West Hollywood.

Helmed by Haleh Mashian, a multifaceted artist with expertise in painting, curation, music, and fashion design, MASH Gallery is dedicated to providing a platform for both emerging and established local as well as international artists. The gallery takes pride in its commitment to thematic exhibitions, creating a dynamic and engaging space that captivates contemporary art enthusiasts, collectors, and interior designers alike.

As a leading Los Angeles art gallery, MASH Gallery has earned acclaim for its thoughtfully curated programming, emphasizing thematic exhibitions that push the boundaries of creativity. The gallery’s move to West Hollywood strategically places it at the center of the design district, underscoring its commitment to being a focal point for artistic inspiration and innovation.

Catering to the discerning tastes of contemporary art collectors and art lovers, MASH Gallery has solidified its position as a prominent player in the Los Angeles art scene. Our commitment extends beyond the physical gallery space; our online contemporary art gallery serves as a global platform, connecting our curated artists with viewers, collectors, and interior designers worldwide.

MASH Gallery proudly embraces the mantra of “Art for the sake of Art,” fostering an environment where creativity takes center stage. Haleh Mashian envisions the gallery as a unifying force within the community, bringing people together through a shared appreciation for artistic expression.

Whether you explore our captivating West Hollywood art gallery or engage with our artists through our online platform, MASH Gallery invites you to immerse yourself in a world where contemporary art transcends boundaries and speaks to the soul. Experience the intersection of creativity and design, as MASH Gallery continues to redefine the landscape of the Los Angeles art scene.


EXTRAVAGANZA by Haleh Mashian in a modern home office

Uplift Your Home Office with Inspiring Art

In today’s work-from-home culture, the importance of creating a productive and inspiring home office environment cannot be overstated. One often overlooked element that can dramatically enhance your workspace is art. In this blog post, we’ll...

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