• by Haleh Mashian
    Haleh Mashian
    Haleh Mashian

    In the days of a pandemic-swept nation, arts and culture are the oasis we all need to escape from the mundane routines of remote work. The LA Art Show displayed some of the best and brightest galleries the country has to offer. With limited booths and guests this year, Mash Gallery made a statement at the show’s Thursday opening night with their exuberant display of various artists.

  • by Haleh Mashian
    Ocean Renegade, 2020
    Ocean Renegade, 2020

    Gavrilovic was fascinated by the differences and similarities between sharks and people. He observed that both of these apex predators are connected through their natural instincts and struggle for survival.

  • by Haleh Mashian
    Enlightened Man, 2017
    Enlightened Man, 2017

    The human form–along with amorphous and constructive shapes–are important in Gavrilovic’s work. He combines abstract and realist approaches and combines lines that flow seamlessly with each other.                                

    “With this anatomical piece, I wanted to explore anatomy more than usual because I wanted to go into human civilization and who we are,” he said, in regards to his painting Forever Man.

  • by Haleh Mashian
    The Second Gate, 2016
    The Second Gate, 2016

    After the Rain by artist Marko Gavrilovic is the latest exhibition in Mash Gallery. Gavrilovic envisions a world where the rain stops falling and within that a new landscape in the process of rebuilding itself. The artist explores rain in its many forms–political, philosophical, conspiratorial, acidity, and hope. Through that hope is reconciliation, along with the looming question of what will humanity do after the rain stops falling. Gavrilovic conveys various subject matters, such as anatomical form, humanity, civilization, and the flow that connects everyone in the universe.

  • by Haleh Mashian
    Mash Gallery’s AFTER THE RAIN Sparked an Illuminating Night

    Downtown Los Angeles, CA. July 10, 2021– Illuminating artist Marko Gavrilovic stunned guests with his latest show After the Rain, in collaboration with Mash Gallery. Gallery owner Haleh Mashian had personally hand-picked paintings of Gavrilovic’s striking work. His colorful, graphic design-inspired pieces consist of complex neon paintings and LED sculptures, transporting the viewer inside an alternate, Escher-esque universe.

  • Psych-O-Delic Opens With a Splash

    Angela Johal’s and Haleh Mashian's latest exhibition at MASH Gallery was a hit with Los Angeles celebrities and locals alike.
    Artists, Angela Johal & Haleh Mashian Photographed by Michael Bezjian

    Artists, Angela Johal & Haleh Mashian
    Photographed by Michael Bezjian

    In an evening filled with bright colors, upbeat music, and incredible art, MASH Gallery hosted a wonderful second in-person event of 2021 with Angela Johal’s and Haleh Mashian’s “Psych-O-Delic”!

  • OVERLOAD Exhibition Overview

    Contemporary abstract painter, Maggi Hodge, returns to MASH Gallery with sold-out show.

  • 2021 Premier Exhibition, OVERLOAD - featuring Maggi Hodge

    With artworks almost sold-out, this is an event you won't want to miss! MASH Gallery Premier Exhibition featuring Maggi Hodge in, 'OVERLOAD'. 




  • Saffa Exhibition: Photographer Adel Yaraghi's Virtual Artist Spotlight

    Mash Gallery welcomes the new photographic work of photographer and filmmaker, Adel Yaraghi, in the gallery’s latest virtual exhibit, Adel Yaraghi: Safa


  • Figuratively Speaking: Haleh Mashian's 25-year Retrospective Solo Exhibition

    As the I of LA Exhibition at MASH Gallery came to a close last week, MASH is already gearing up for its next exhibition. Moving from a group exhibition where the I of LA show featured 22 artists emerging in the Los Angeles art scene, the upcoming show will be a solo exhibition by Haleh Mashian, the founder and director of MASH Gallery. 

  • MASH City Fall/Winter Collection is LIVE!

    It’s HERE! The Fall/Winter Collection of the MASH City fashion line has officially arrived! Just as things are starting to cool down and the nights are getting colder, MASH City’s Fall/Winter Collection has some head-turning pieces that will keep you warm and start making a statement on the streets. 


  • by Haleh Mashian
    The 99% Exhibition: Outdoor Closing Reception

    On Saturday, August 1, 5-8pm MASH Gallery will host The 99% Exhibition’s closing reception outdoors in front of the gallery. This is the final night to view this fantastic exhibition featuring Jodi Bonassi,  Albert Alvarez, and José Lozano. This open-air, outdoor exhibition will abide by social distancing rules and will be taking all the necessary precautions for the safety of the art-loving community. 


  • The 99% Zoom Event

    Join us online for the Artists' Interview
    by Haleh Mashian
    The 99% Zoom Event

    The 99% Exhibition has been extended for one more week and will now be on display at MASH Gallery until July 18th! While many are still quarantining at home, the 99% has received a lot of positive feedback both in person and virtually. The 99% Exhibition in Virtual Reality can be found here, and has been visited by people across the United States, Europe, and a few South American countries. 

    Continuing with this new virtual trend, MASH Gallery will be hosting an event via the video meeting platform, Zoom.  The 99% Zoom Event will feature the exhibition’s curator David S. Rubin, who will be interviewing the three artists in the show, Albert Alvarez, Jodi Bonassi, José Lozano. The event will take place on Saturday, July 11, 2020 from 1-2pm PST.

  • Virtual Reality and the Future of Art

    VR is coming to MASH Gallery
    Virtual Reality and the Future of Art

    There is a constant debate about whether or not video games and the virtual art world can really be considered art. But with the changing times amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, the artworld as a whole appears to be shifting into the virtual realm altogether.


    It’s no surprise that the art market across the globe has had to make adjustments since lockdowns were put into place and people could no longer visit gallery exhibitions or museums.  Los Angeles’ art galleries and museums are no exception.  Smaller galleries around Los Angeles have had to close, and even bigger institutions like The Broad Museum and LA MOCA have had to make cuts and lay off employees.  Located in the Downtown Arts District, near both The Broad and MOCA, MASH Gallery is looking ahead in the art industry and working on innovative ways to showcase artwork in an ever-changing environment.

  • "Mash Up" by Jodi Bonassi
    "Mash Up" by Jodi Bonassi

    A lot has happened since our last gallery opening, but MASH has been looking forward to putting together our next downtown Los Angeles exhibition, “The 99%”.  This exhibition, curated by veteran curator David Rubin, showcases three Latinx artists: Albert Alvarez, Jodi Bonassi, and José Lozano.  It was unplanned, but we feel that this exhibition works well with the current state of the nation amidst the COVID-19 virus as it has spread throughout our home city of Los Angeles and all over the United States.

  • À GOGO Two-Part Event During Frieze LA Art Fair

    Exhibition Dates: February 13, 2020 - March 22, 2020
    À GOGO Exhibition on display at MASH Gallery
    À GOGO Exhibition on display at MASH Gallery

    What a wild and unbelievably fun weekend it was, hosting two back to back Openings for the À GOGO Exhibition. Starting on a high note, almost literally, MASH opened the À GOGO Pop-Up at the LOFT of the W Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard.  Exhibiting over 20 artists and almost 100 works of art, the À GOGO Pop-Up was a big smash! Surrounded by the Los Angeles City Skyline, and a gorgeous rooftop pool, it was fairly easy to be awestruck.  Nonetheless, all the attention was on the art.

  • Morph Exhibition Recap

    Exhibition Dates: November 9, 2019 - December 21, 2019
    Flower II by Corey Lamb
    Flower II by Corey Lamb

    Featuring 12 different artists, each with their own unique styles and influences, MASH Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles has opened our newest exhibition, MORPH. This exhibition aims to celebrate the bizarre, showcasing paintings and sculptures by Los Angeles artists and international artists from around the globe. 


    Throughout art history, artists have intentionally distorted the human figure to create some of the most well known and impactful masterpieces. The works featured  in this exhibition function together as both an acknowledgment of the historical trajectory of artists creating figurative works, and a deviation from the standard ideas of taste, pushing the boundaries and redesigning the human form. By contorting the figure, the artist advances the composition, generating the bizarre with the goal to lead the viewer through an open-ended story of emotional intensity and humor.


    In Erik Mark Sandberg‘s portrayals, skin turns to radioactive pink spaghetti - but that doesn’t stop the subject of Sky with Leopard Print Tee and Boots (2011) from sporting nifty fashions.


  • Sold Out - Women, Chaos, and X by Maggi Hodge

    Exhibition Dates: September 28-November 2, 2019
    Maggi Hodge during Opening Reception of Women, Chaos, and X at MASH Gallery
    Maggi Hodge during Opening Reception of Women, Chaos, and X at MASH Gallery
  • Haleh Mashian in front of her LUSTER paintings
    Haleh Mashian in front of her LUSTER paintings

    MASH Gallery presents LUSTER by Santa Monica artist Haleh Mashian, showcasing a collection of contemporary work of non-traditional impasto techniques.


  • "Femme 8" by Haleh Mashian
    "Femme 8" by Haleh Mashian

    “Figurine” is a Solo Exhibition by Haleh Mashian, an expressionist painter who works in a variety of media.  Mashian is in a constant state of exploration and her solo exhibition is an exemplary illustration of the ground-breaking techniques she uses in her art. Her large scale figurative expressionist collages are painted from live models but reflect universal themes of the feminine sublime and its energy in shaping environments.