Carlos Ulloa


Based in Hollywood, California, Carlos Ulloa has exhibited across the United States, Germany, Spain, Ecuador, and Argentina. With a BFA from Hartwick College and an MFA from Vermont College Fine Arts, Ulloa’s notable solo exhibitions include the Herbert F. Johnson Museum, Lehigh University, and Miami Dade College.

His focus has always been on deconstructing the human body and then reconstructing it in terms of visual metaphors and puns. Fashioning extensive visual arrangements has been at the basis of his creative process for decades. Ulloa’s humor, albeit dark at times, is a large part of his approach to creating art. He accomplishes works through various mediums, including but not limited to drawing, collage, assemblage, wood carving, and bronze casting. The talismans, masks, collages, and street collaborations he creates today are all layered, profound, and clever pokes at reality.




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February 15 - March 20, 2020