Johannes wessmark


Johannes Wessmark is a Swedish artist specializing in hyperrealist art. He was born in 1962 in Carlsbad and worked for 15 years as an advertising illustrator before becoming a full-time award-winning artist. His work is intended to evoke a feeling of relaxation, enjoyment, and pleasure in our busy and fast-paced world. 

“As a hyperrealist artist, I also enjoy making my works as realistic as possible. A passion I have had for many years back. I study my reference photos carefully, print them in full-size of painting, and work hard to get colors and details as real as possible. By combining different techniques in the same work I take advantage of the best features from different tools. Over many years I have refined and polished my working methods. Everything to get my work very lifelike even if I allow myself to add or remove from my reference photo to get that special feeling I am looking for.”  -Johannes Wessmark



In Her Element

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March 04 - April 01, 2023