Juergen Grewe, an abstract artist born in Munster, Germany, has emerged as a master of geometric abstraction. He honed his artistic skills at the Visual Arts in Hannover and currently resides in Berlin, where he both lives and works. Since 2006, Grewe has captivated audiences worldwide through his participation in numerous solo and group exhibitions, showcasing his talent in countries spanning from the USA to Europe and Russia.

Grewe’s artistic creations can be best described as a captivating fusion of faces and facades. Employing a unique style, he skillfully transforms human visages into intricate patterns, blurring the lines between the two. In his cubic portraits, ornamental elements are meticulously integrated, sometimes even overshadowing the figures themselves. While these patterns may initially appear arbitrary, their underlying significance is not immediately apparent. They serve as symbolic representations of an order that defies conventional understanding, in a world seemingly unraveling at its seams.

Within Grewe’s artworks, the figures adopt an architectural quality, as if they have metamorphosed into man-made structures or vice versa. Man becomes a construct, a composition of meticulously arranged components. Through his art, Grewe delves into the essence of human existence, emphasizing the intricate interplay between form and function, structure and identity. His masterful creations invite viewers to reflect upon the complex nature of humanity and the profound impact of our surroundings on our sense of self.


Solo Shows

2024 Solo Show, Kunsthaus Erfurt (Upcoming)

2020 “Hidden Charme”, Hammerschmidt+Gladigau, Erfurt

2018 “Carambolage” Galerie Franzkowiak, Berlin

2017 “Palo Alto”, Galerie Franzkowiak, Berlin

2014 “Three Wishes”, Hammerschmidt + Gladigau, Erfurt

2013 “Jürgen Grewe”, The Bries Space, Antwerpen, Belgium

2011 “Desire, knowledge and hope”, Staatsgalerie Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

2009 “In the valley of the shadows of love” , Gallery Actionelds, Brussels, Belgium

2008 “Adventures close to home” Projektraum | Kunsthaus Erfurt

2007 “I never loved you anyway” Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin

2006 “The Random Illusion” Projektraum | Kunsthaus Erfurt


Group Shows

2023 “Round Trip-Fluidum”, Pavillion Am Milchhof, Berlin

2022 “Blind Vision”, Treptow-Ateliers, Berlin

2022 “Naked Flames”, Hilbert Raum & ascgallery, Berlin

2021 “The Sun Machine Is Comming Down”, Berliner Festspiele im ICC, Berlin

2019 “to put on paper”, Errant Sound Project Space, Berlin

2019 “Tennis Elephant & Freunde”, Galerie Pankow, Berlin

2019 “Edition3” Hammerschmidt+Gladigau, Erfurt

2019 “Under the underground” Galerie Franzkowiak, Berlin

2019 “Fake Covers for Fake Music”, Hilbert Raum, Berlin

2018 “Demi-gros”, Safe Gallery at Les Valseuses, Berlin

2018 “Focus on Abstraction” Pavillon am Milchhof, Berlin

2018 “Babettes Best Records ULTD”, Kosmetiksalon Babette, Berlin

2017 “Ende Neu”, Lage Egal, Berlin

2017 “Fountain into the Pool”, Kunsthaus Erfurt

2017 “Couples”, glue @ Galerie von Walden, Berlin

2016 “M_ASK_E”, Lage Egal, Berlin

12&11” 2016”/ Das Zwischenspiel, Galerie Franzkowiak, Berlin

2015 “Temporary Artist’s Book Shop; Tabs”, Lage Egal, Berlin

2014 “Last in 2014”, Galerie Franzkowiak, Berlin

2014 “Criss Cross”, Hammerschmidt + Gladigau, Berlin

2014 “S.R.N.D.P.T.”, Actionelds @ TETEM kunstruimte, Enschede

2014 “Edition 1”, Hammerschmidt + Gladigau, Erfut

2013 “Around At Home”, Gallery Actionelds, Mechelen, Belgium

2013 “Jahresgaben”, Gallery LAGE EGAL, Berlin

2011 “Wunderkammer”, Gallery Lage 3:20, Berlin

2011 “belgium (p)art”, de brakke grond // Gallery Actionelds, Amsterdam

2011 “Tainted Love”, Gallery Deady, Berlin

2010 “Art is dead”, Gallery Deady, Berlin

37” 2010 x Now”, Forgotten Bar Project/Galerie im Regierungsviertel, Berlin

2009 “Made in Berlin”, Cultural Center, Kaliningrad, Russia

2008 “Ghostriders” Projektraum | Kunsthaus Erfurt

2008 “Ghostbusters” tmp deluxe, Berlin

2008 “includes the bonus tracks and hit singles” KR2.0 bei Vlasak Contemporary,Berlin

2007 “white paper” Hamden Galerie, Massachusettes, USA


Woman with Red Hair Juergen Grewe painting

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