Kiel Johnson

Shrine to Three Universes, 2022

Toys, 2018


Sculptor, Kiel Johnson says this of his work and process: “Through layered narratives and storytelling, my work speaks to my travels and adventures through everyday life. I think of myself as an explorer, setting out each day on an uncharted path of mediation manifested in drawing and sculpture. My work is a springboard for metaphorical investigations of the world I inhabit. Using line to explore places, objects, and spaces that exist in my imagination, I catalog my observations and seal them in time. The idea of work as play is central to my practice: handmade, hard work, and having fun. I believe in a laboratory approach of experimentation to problems without finite solutions. Inspired by odd discoveries, coincidence and chance, I seek to personify inanimate subjects. Drawing acts as a seismograph, witnessing my experiences and recording the vibrations; sculpture advocates my quest for understanding how things are held together.”



The Erotic Impulse in an Ever Becoming Universe

Works by a collection of artists

November 19 – December 18, 2022