Julie B. is best known for her candy-colored pop art resin sculptures. With a foundation in science and technology and a love for the arts, she melds the two to create visions in 3D form. As the lead creative force and founder behind PIP Studios, she is experienced in the world of Fine Art Fabrication and Designer Toys.

“Cherry Bomb” is brought to you by the LOVED ONES. The LOVED ONES is the artist team of Julie B. and Phil Ramirez. Their design and sculptural collaborations highlight the duo’s ingenuity and playful sense of humor. The LOVED ONES series features three oversized Pop Art sculptures that playfully distort weapons of destruction into weapons of love – Heartbreaker, Point Blank, and Cherry Bomb (featured in the À GOGO Exhibition). Designed by the LOVED ONES and fabricated by Pretty in Plastic, this collection invites you to put on your rose-colored glasses and see the world through a new lens.




Works by a collection of artists
February 15 - March 20, 2020