Michael Daniel Birnberg, also known as Midabi, was born in New York City. He was raised by a small eclectic family that included artists, entrepreneurs, war veterans, vegetarians, philosophers, meditation, globe-trotting, and a progressive humanistic ethos based on four main points:

  • What you are looking for is within you.
  • Always be a student.
  • Have the heart of a child.
  • The breath is a gift and is the most powerful of all things.

Midabi’s artistic mission is to update popular concepts of big subjects, such as space, time, mortality, desire, culture, identity, belief, etc.

The WOW series reduces the human experience into a basic, fundamental moment. It is meant to highlight the awesome majesty of pure existence, regardless of the circumstantially based rationale for judgment.

WOW is the original experience. A state of awe that is devoid of production, value, or relationship to any direction. As seen in young children, the mere act of experiencing awareness is enough to elicit this profound and natural process; a pure state of consciousness, absolutely without judgment or conditions with which to reflect upon the experience. A state of awe also known as, WOW.

The remainder of this experience in the viewer can have a cathartic and self-reflective effect. Returning a person to an intentional activation of the WOW consciousness is the purpose of the work. Thereby reducing anxiety, increasing appreciation, and realizing many other individual and communal benefits.




Works by a collection of artists
February 15 - March 20, 2020