Moises Ortiz


A proponent of analytical and critical aesthetictheory, and thus began to innovate from within his own canvas.

Ortiz holds an MFA in Visual Art granted by the Faculty of Arts and Design at The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Ortiz’s youth was marked by deep self-criticism and perfectionist tendencies; being an introvert granted him a drive to profoundly explore the technical aspect of his medium, which led to a unique appreciation for contemporary aesthetic renderings.

His career developed by examining the masterpieces of the muralist forefathers; Rivera and Siqueiros’ practices granted an entryway for Ortiz to comprehend revolutionary aesthetic practices, in subject matter and medium simultaneously. His work is deeply influenced by the global achievements of the many cubist artists that came before him. However, it was until his time at UNAM that he truly became a proponent of analytical and critical aesthetic theory, and thus began to innovate from within his own canvas.




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February 17 - March 26, 2022


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August 29 - September 26, 2020