Morgane Clavaud is a French painter born in 1996 whose journey began during the lockdown. As she rediscovers neglected acrylic paints at the back of a drawer, she decides to use them instead of discarding them. 

This spontaneous gesture triggers an unexpected passion for painting, a path she had not anticipated. Thus, her artistic journey emerged unexpectedly and passionately.

Morgane Clavaud finds her inspiration in the forgotten details of everyday life. Through her canvases, the artist also invites us to discover a unique perspective.Her gaze focuses on reflections, textures, and materials, setting aside the entirety of the object to better explore its singularity.Every brushstroke is a celebration, every ray of light is a source of inspiration. 

Every shade, every shadow sparks our imagination. Everything is meticulously crafted to create an immersive visual experience. Morgane encourages the viewer to linger on her works.She teaches us to see beyond the initial impression, to focus on those details that are often overlooked. 

Her canvases prompt deep reflection on the complexity and diversity of the environment around us.

Through her canvases, Morgane Clavaud teaches us the beauty of taking time, of dwelling on the small details, of losing oneself in the nuances of the ordinary. Each work is an ode to the delicacy and effervescence of the ephemeral.

The artist manages to reveal a hidden poetry in everyday elements, thus transforming ordinary objects into subjects of artistic wonder. Her attentive and thoughtful approach to painting allows her to capture the magic of often neglected details, inviting us to see the world around us in a new and inspiring way.

California is her primary inspiration, with its unique atmosphere shaped by light. The artist masters perspective, ambiance, and way of life.
Her canvases are journeys, sunny getaways. One perceives a deep, almost unconscious, connection with the West Coast. 

Each brushstroke seems to be a response to an inner call, a desire to be carried away by the streets of Los Angeles, the beaches of Malibu, or the hills of San Francisco.

Through Morgane Clavaud’s art, geographic distance fades away. One feels the Californian breeze in every brushstroke, hears the waves in the harmonies of color.

Through her sensitivity, Morgane has managed to feel and capture the emotions emanating from this particular setting.



Feminine Cadence

Works by a collection of female artists
March 2 - April 13, 2024

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