Stefan Heyer


Stefan Heyer and his gestural abstracts are an exploration of histories, both personal and shared, and are inspired by pop culture, political issues, nature, and postmodern alienation. Stefan’s works are extremely layered, as he drips paint, scrawls words on the canvas, and mixes mediums including oil and acrylic paints, crayons, pencils, markers, and digital photographs. Stefan obscures any tangible points of reference, enabling the viewer to discover new meanings in his works.

(, One to watch Feature)

Stefan has exhibited his works in shows and art fairs all over the world including Hamburg, Berlin, Barcelona, London, Genova, Vienna, and Brussels. His first solo exhibition was at Mono Gallery in Hamburg. Most recently, his work is on display at the Lanoue Gallery in Boston, Jean-Pierre Botella Gallery in St. Tropez/ France, and Marco Antonio Patrizio Gallery in Padua/ Italy. In August he will have a solo exhibition at The Art Corner in Amman/ Jordan.

“My main motive is the search for a new beauty in the contradiction of our reality. As is with a good poem, the poetical sound, and the lyrical vibe, need to ignite the reader. The semantic level can gradually get discovered. Ambiguities are to be tolerated and withstood – they should not be too comfortable. If I immediately know what’s going on, it is getting boring. A painting should remain a mystery.”



Surface Spectrum

Works by a collection of artists
April 27 - June 8, 2019