Terry Hoff


Born in Prescott, Arizona, and raised in California, these places have had an important impact on Terry Hoff’s work. Hoff is often striving for that unusual juxtaposition of shape and image that seems fresh and new, yet familiar and bizarre at the same time. Cartoons, the ocean, materials nonsense, and mind-altering substances all have a place in the shepherding of these figures and images into existence.

A nod to artists Hesse, bontecou, Murray – Hoff embraces their proficiency of “the joy of making” and art as a playful dialogue, Mariposa’s inflated, bulbous, rounded forms are reactive narratives of overstimulation.

Through each composition of mutated rhythms, anthropomorphic forms reveal themselves like eyes peering through a mirage. As if he were translating conversation with extraterrestrials, or coding their alphabet, Hoff pursues visual intelligence through his manipulations of symbols that are untethered by time.

Terry Hoff lives and paints in San Francisco, California. His work has been shown across California and throughout the United States.




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February 15 - March 20, 2020


Radiant Spectrum

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March 9 - April 20, 2019