Diet Coke

Collection: My Treasures
Edition: 03/30
Description: Handcrafted briefcase consisting on 14 Coca-Cola Light mini cans full
casted in transparent resin, sanded and polished by hand. Added
decorative metal fittings glued to the work.

Size: 12″ x 17.5″ X 3″
Height: 35cm
Weight: 12kg

“The commercial Brand of consumption par excellence in marked as a possession
of popular value, invites us to reflect on the impact that marketing has had on our
collective conscience despite the damage that, even if its “light”, excess can do to
our body. Let us be aware of our choices and consumption”. – Emmanuel Meneses



In this piece, a resin briefcase is transformed into a thought-provoking tableau featuring cans of diet Coke arranged meticulously to create a floating effect. The artist,intentionally plays with the viewer’s desires and temptations by presenting this display in a humorous manner.

The briefcase is filled with cans of diet Coke, symbolizing the power of addiction, the influence of marketing, and the strength of cravings. Emmanuel cleverly captures the paradox of knowing something may not be beneficial for our health, yet finding it irresistibly tempting. The piece explores the concept of indulgence and the momentary pleasure it brings, despite the potential negative effects it can have on our well-being.

The artist highlights the universal appeal of these indulgences by emphasizing their cuteness and allure. It is intriguing how even though we are aware of the negative consequences, we still find ourselves drawn to them. This playful representation challenges us to reflect on our own desires, the power they hold over us, and our ability to resist them.

Ultimately, this piece serves as a reminder of the complex relationship we have with our cravings and the choices we make. It explores the intersection of pleasure, temptation, and self-control, shedding light on the influence of marketing and the allure of instant gratification. By presenting the briefcase as a tableau of floating diet Coke cans, the artist invites us to question our own behaviors and the consequences that may arise from our indulgences.

Through humor and irony, this artwork brings attention to the dichotomy between what we know is good for us and what we desire in the moment. It encourages us to contemplate the power of our choices and the impact they can have on our health and well-being.




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