So Many Questions // Only One Answer

Mixed media on wood panel
48 x 48 in
121.9 x 121.9 cm

Copyright The Artist



This thought-provoking painting explores the intersection of culture, identity, and the human condition. This artwork consists of four separate 12 x 12″ paintings, each presenting abstract figurative faces composed of hand molded skulls. The artist has skillfully utilized a combination of materials, including resin, paint, and found objects, to create a visually striking and conceptually rich composition.

The vibrant hot pink color that surrounds the entire painting serves as a bold backdrop, symbolizing the intensity and passion behind the inquiries being posed. The handmade questions mark pieces encircle the artwork and add an element of whimsy and intrigue, encouraging contemplation.

The artist’s choice to use skulls, a universal symbol of mortality, speaks to the transient nature of life.

Through the convergence of materials and imagery, the artist seeks to convey a profound question: why do we have so many questions when there is only one answer?

In this painting, the artist prompts us to consider the significance of asking the right questions. By pondering whether we are moral or immortal. Elevate your interior space with the enchanting allure of this remarkable artwork.


About the artist

As a painter and creative expressionist, Mashian’s abstract works reveal her appreciation of color theory, compositional form, and studying positive and negative space. Working in mixed media and using various techniques from collage to impasto, a repeated layering and application of paint, Mashian’s dynamic pieces range from smaller artworks that can be arranged together to large-scale paintings. Her large-paneled paintings have been exhibited nationally in Los Angeles, Miami, and other art enclaves and are included in private collections in the United States and abroad.

Additional information

Dimensions48 × 48 in

Pink, Yellow

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