A Group Exhibition
october 14 - December 9

Join us for our upcoming exhibition, where our renowned artists showcase the enigmatic tapestry of Impermanence, Silence, Beauty & more...


This inspiring showcase invites art enthusiasts into a realm where threads of gentle and powerful tones and brushstrokes converge, intricately weaving a tapestry that explores the profound interconnectedness between impermanence, silence, and beauty.

Impermanence is a bridge that seamlessly connects silence and beauty, where constant change becomes a catalyst for stillness. When one is in constant flux, one is still and silent, more in-tuned with the ever changing surrounding beauty.

The fleeting nature of beauty in each moment is a testament to timelessness and eternal within us. Beauty becomes a reflection of the interconnectedness and grace of all things, reminding us that everything is in a state of constant transformation. This appreciation of transient beauty and its complexities is a portal to hallowed silence, a treasure to be found.

Within the curated gallery space, visitors will encounter a sensory feast of exquisite artworks that harmoniously blend various artistic elements.

Through this dynamic interplay of artistic expressions, viewers are invited to explore a sense of tranquility and harmony, where visual art becomes a conduit for introspection and contemplation that can evoke a sense of tranquility and harmony.




Born in Fairbanks, Alaska Jill has been drawing and painting from an early age. Jill’s work has been featured in design magazines as well as exhibited and collected worldwide. Her paintings have exhibited on the east coast in New York as well as internationally in Europe and Asia. Daniels’s talent as a painter also translated into a highly successful career working with entertainment studios. Jill is a two time individual achievement Emmy winning Art Director, Emmy nominated Producer, and visual development artist. 

Her artistry has been crucial in developing the look for many Emmy winning productions for a wide variety of studios including, Netflix, Disney Animation, Illumination / Dreamworks / Universal, PBS, Sony Pictures, CTN Development Shorts Program, FOX, Warner Brothers, and Nickelodeon Original Movies to name a few. Daniels was also one of the top four willing finalists in the See l Me True North contest. Some favorite projects have been art directing Phineas and Ferb with Disney, and visual development on various Minion properties with Illumination, along with creating short animated films using the new technologies of Unreal Engine Mega grants from Epic Games.


Ramona Stelzer, a contemporary artist, finds her fascination and inspiration in the captivating world of flowers—their processes, lifecycles, transformations, and subtle alterations. With a penchant for painting on a grand scale, she invites viewers into immersive experiences within her artworks. While her focus primarily revolves around flowers, her artistic approach has evolved towards an ever-growing abstraction. In essence, her art transcends its subject matter, becoming a powerful symbol of the profound connection shared between humans and nature.

Ramona's art serves as a reflection of the multifaceted nature of existence. It celebrates the delicate and exquisite beauty inherent in flowers, while simultaneously representing the immense power, strength, and untamed essence present in the natural world. Through her artwork, she prompts viewers to recognize and embrace their own capacity for both fragility and resilience, beauty and wildness.

Ramona's artistic vision intertwines humanity and nature, seamlessly weaving together their shared qualities into a tapestry of interconnectedness. Her works provide a profound reminder that we, as humans, possess the ability to be simultaneously delicate, beautiful, powerful, strong, and wild. By experiencing her art, viewers are invited to delve deeper into their own connection with the natural world and contemplate the intricate balance between these diverse aspects of our existence.


David Kupferman grew up in Newton, MA, the son of artists Ruth Cobb and Lawrence Kupferman. Learning a great deal about art from his parents, David was educated in Switzerland and at the University of Wisconsin. He summered for many years on Cape Cod which inspired much of his art. He is the recipient of grants from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation and the Adolph Gottlieb Foundation. David currently lives in Fairfield, Iowa.

David's large abstract color paintings evoke the light and mood of the inner and outer landscape. Kupferman's work is a unique fusion of Eastern and Western art, celebratory of the inner and outer flow of universal light, energy and spirit. David's works are in many museums, private collections and corporations.


For over three decades, Haleh Mashian's art has beautifully portrayed her unique and insightful perspective on the world, seamlessly blending reality and imagination. As a creative expressionist, Mashian's work embodies her enchantment with the interplay of color, composition, and the dynamic relationship between positive and negative space. Through her mastery of mixed media techniques, ranging from collage to impasto, she constantly pushes the boundaries of materiality, conjuring a textural fantasy where the lines between the real and its interpretation converge.

Mashian's art expertly utilizes negative and positive space, crafting captivating, three-dimensional paintings that act as portals to a world brimming with life, vitality, and energy. They compel engagement and evoke profound emotional responses, transporting viewers to an untamed realm where the boundaries of possibility are endlessly expanded.

Within Mashian's artistic journey lie diverse series, each infused with a personal narrative. Whether inspired by spiritual encounters, introspective introspections, or the sheer splendor of the world that surrounds her, her creations are driven by an unwavering passion for color, texture, and scale. The dynamic nature of her pieces, available in various sizes, ensures a harmonious fit within residential, retail, and hospitality settings, offering art enthusiasts a wide array of avenues to appreciate and engage with her captivating work.


Andy Harwood is an artist based in Brisbane, Australia, who has exhibited work for 15 years. Harwood has established a disciplined and meticulous practice and expresses emotion through the visual language of geometric and non-representational form. Harwood’s paintings investigate the relationship of forms and structures, drawing attention to the interaction of shape, size, positioning and space. The compositions are derived mathematically to create an overriding sense of balance and proportion. Contrasting chromatic spectrums and intricate patterns, challenge the viewer to engage in new and different visual narratives.

Using underpainting with diverging textural layering, Harwood charges his paintings with energy and movement. Exacting patterns interweave across the canvas, layering foreground and background to misdirect the gaze and deflect the viewer from a central focal point. In addition, the accumulation of precision lines creates an exaggerated distortion where straight lines vibrate. Harwood’s paintings conceptualize the sensation of a brain in flux, between order and chaos, and are an exploration into the capacity for the strictures of mathematical geometry to evoke emotive responses in the viewer.


Bonita Helmer explores scientific theories of physics, astronomy, the inner and outer realms of existence, and the unseen elements of our universe in her paintings. Mystical and philosophical theories are interwoven with ancient symbols as she represents aspects of space and particle physics such as the crystal lattice, nutrino, gravitino, sparticles and star nurseries. Helmer is attracted to naturally occurring and theoretical forms and structures that lend themselves to gestural abstract painting. In actuality, she paints real things and places that are in themselves abstract and sometimes even invisible. She uses physics along with images from space as inspiration for investigation into the theory of the ever–expanding universe.

During graduate work at Otis College of Art and Design, Helmer worked with Mitsumi Kanemitsu who became a strong influence in the use of abstraction in painting. Helmer also met and studied with Francoise Gilot at University of Southern California/Idyllwild campus. Gilot introduced Helmer to the use of universal symbol in art. At that time other influences included a friendship with Dr. Jonas Salk who brought to Helmer, awareness of the relationship between science and art. Helmer studied the origins of the universe via physics and astronomy at UCLA and has continued in her personal research into physics and mystical studies. Helmer taught at Otis College Art and Design 1998-2018. Helmer received her BA in painting, UCLA, Antioch and did graduate work at Otis College Art and Design. She lives and works in Los Angeles. 


James Ellwanger (1967 - ) began his career in 1999 with a one-man show consisting of a series of aluminum/aviation paint wall pieces and patented furniture designs.  Thereafter, his Gallery Number 2, located in the heart of downtown Des Moines, featured a variety of his most popular works in a number of shows over the next several years. Ellwanger’s work was featured prominently in the highly-acclaimed 2001 Chicago Design Show.  He is known for using many different mediums — from 5” layered acrylic wall pieces to 30‘ limestone & stainless steel public-space sculptures. Ellwanger's works are installed at various locations throughout the United States. He has produced works for public, private, corporate and museum collections.


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