cabell molina


Cabell is a multimedia artist from California who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is influenced by her prior career as an advertising art director–but now her goal now is to sell perspective rather than product. In her most recent series Cabell reclaims classic femininity as multi-faceted, giving voice and texture to lost imagery. Her art pushes for colorful expansion of a “woman’s place” while it explores the complex dynamic of a woman’s emotions, celebrating the bygone glamour of mid-century fashion and deconstructing its patriarchal underpinnings.

Cabell’s painting/collages read as meditations on the female experience and the pursuit for sovereignty in a historically male dominated culture. 

She studied graphic design, and fine art at San Diego State University and Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in NYT The Cut, CNN Style and Vogue, as well as shown in multinational galleries and can be found in private collections around the world.

Artist Statement:

My work explores the complex dynamic of a woman’s emotions. I layer my pieces thematically as well as physically, both celebrating glamor and femininity, while portraying the strength and power in my subjects. I want my painting/collages read as meditations on the female experience, full of colorful patterns and a layered sense of time, space, and memory. 

Her Process:

My process is a form of deconstructing and then reconstructing using found materials such as wallpaper, torn pages from books and magazines, re-appropriated images, thrift store clothing, ribbon, beads, sequins, oil pastels, fabric, gold leaf, vintage papers, acrylic paint and oil stick. I layer all these materials on the canvas or panel to create a colorful and expansive narrative with lots of texture and detail, then finish with 2 layers of UV varnish to seal it all together. 



In Her Element

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March 04 - April 01, 2023