Artful Alchemy

Exploring the alchemical fusion of art and design.
OPENING MAy 11, 2024

Exhibition Overview

"Artful Alchemy"

Mash Gallery presents its highly anticipated exhibition, “Artful Alchemy: Exploring the Fusion of Art and Interior Design” as part of the LCDQ Legends event.  This groundbreaking showcase dives into the interplay between art and interior design, presenting a immersive visual dialogue that celebrates the harmonious integration of these two disciplines.

“Artful Alchemy” will feature an eclectic mix of paintings, sculptures, installations, and multidisciplinary artistic expressions that merge with exquisite interior design elements. From abstract and figurative tours de force to dynamic, immersive installations, each piece has been meticulously selected for its ability to inspire a sense of wonderment and enhance spaces with class, beauty, and emotional resonance.

The exhibition highlights the The principles of design, such as color palette, scale, balance, and composition that transcend various creative disciplines. This symbiotic relationship has the power to amplify, resulting in a visual poetry that serves as the perfect complement, allowing artwork to truly shine and create the desired ambiance of an interior.

This unique collaboration between talented artists and interior designers such as Tracy Metro and Cesar Girardo, crafts exceptional spaces that blend style, functionality, and artistic expression into a cohesive vision of avant-garde and/or aesthetically inspiring beauty.

“Energy Within” 
 Robert Standish
Acrylic on Canvas
47.5 In. Diameter

participating artists

AManza smith

Amanza Smith, a multifaceted individual, adds the title of practicing artist to her impressive repertoire. Recently making her artistic debut at MASH Gallery, Amanza showcases her unique perspective through the strokes on the canvas. Beyond her roles as a model, actress, interior design expert, luxury realtor, self-proclaimed DIY queen, mental health advocate, and motivational speaker, Amanza has ventured into the realm of visual expression. Hailing from Indiana, she brings a distinctive blend of creativity and entrepreneurship to her artwork, inviting viewers to explore yet another dimension of her versatile talents. As a fan favorite on the Netflix hit series “Selling Sunset,” Amanza continues to captivate audiences with her diverse pursuits, proving that her artistic endeavors are just another facet of her boundless passion and creativity.


Anthony Liggins, an artist based in Atlanta and Miami, has been creating stunning art for over 12 years. His work has been showcased in major museums across the US and Europe, including the Smithsonian Institute and the Oakland Museum. Liggins’ pieces are displayed in galleries worldwide, from Istanbul to Atlanta, and can be found in over 700 public and private collections. His art, influenced by global cultures and music, embodies a spiritual journey and aims to connect people on a deep level. Through vibrant colors and unique materials such as plexiglass, yarn, and wood, Liggins’ abstract expressionist style evokes passion and emotion. 

Bernardo Loar

Bernardo Loar is a Mexican plastic artist. He was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, on November 5, 1992. He studied arts at the University ofSonora and at the Faculty of Arts and Design of the UNAM. He has had individual exhibitions in Hermosillo, Spain, and Mexico City. He has collaborated in more than eight collective exhibitions in both Mexico and Spain. He is represented by the Aldama FineArts Gallery and Kolectivo Gallery in Mexico.

Cabell molina

Molina is an American contemporary artist transplanted from California to the east.Her work explores and deconstructs the patriarchal ideas tied into mid-20th century fashion and advertising imagery. Being raised by a mother of the 1950’s who attempted to cement her traditional ideology into Cabell at a young age, she developed a fascination with the female experience as portrayed by women of midcentury Americana. She attempts to present an optimistic vision of rebellion and social progress.

daniel torre

Daniel Torre is a self-taught sculptor currently living and working in Mexico.Departing from a financial background, he started working with wood in 2019, inspired by nature and following his artistic intuition on different techniques and forms to represent his ideas.His sculptures are visually modern, following simple patterns and textures such as curves and lines, which provide a sense of movement that seeks to express an idea and connect with the viewer.

didem yagci

As an Istanbul-born artist, Didem Yagci was deeply inspired by the late Victor Vasarely, who created abstract works based on optical illusion and geometry, as well as FrankStella, whose textured works express his masterful use of color. Didem Yagci’s wooden sculptures form kinetical patterns that express notions of creation, infinity, and eternity. Working with wood, her method presents layered delicate pieces she sands by hand placed together to create three-dimensional canvases with richly textured, impasto-like surfaces.

emmanuel meneses

Through his artistry, we are not only transported into a realm where daily objects are transformed into profound expressions, but we also gain insight into his meticulous craftsmanship. His resin boxes serve as portals freezing moments in time, urging us to reflect upon the profound pleasures and attachments embedded in the everyday. The “Time Bomb” series, a testament to his creative prowess, serves as a poignant symbol of the relentless ticking clock, prompting us to embrace every moment with joy, love, and positive energy. 

ernesto guevara

Ernesto has been dedicating himself to his art for some years.During the pandemic, he focused on honing his art and discovered new paths of expression.Guevara has an affinity for working his paintings very precisely; by using dots in various sizes and many colors, he creates his graphic work of open and unlimited fantasy, sometimes printing a mandala and other times a flight over various figures in space.Dots and points that are repeated ad infinitum that together invite you to feel free and break chains. The work of geometric spaces consults a labyrinth of thoughts, ordered in their abstraction. Guevara has participated in several group exhibitions in Mexico City. His work is found in private collections in Mexico, USA, El Salvador, Germany.

Haleh Mashian

For over 20+ years, Haleh Mashian’s art has colorfully illustrated her unique, astute view of the world, both real and imagined. As a painter and creative expressionist, Mashian’s abstract works reveal her appreciation of color theory, compositional form, and the study of positive and negative space. Working in mixed media and using a variety of techniques from collage to impasto, a repeated layering and application of paint, Mashian’s dynamic pieces range from smaller artworks that can be arranged together to large-scale paintings. Her large-paneled paintings have been exhibited nationally in LosAngeles, Miami, and other art enclaves and are included in private collections in the UnitedStates and abroad.

Jose Cacho

Born in Mexico City, Cacho is an exceptionally talented artist, whose works are timelessly classic yet meticulously crafted with a contemporary dynamic allure. His work is about the enquiry of humanity from the cosmogony of the female form, bearer of life and mystery. His female form is recognized as a source of knowledge and harmony perpetuating wisdom and balance. The composition of the elements in each painting is charged with rich symbolism, cognizant of the images of the women portrayed and the texts, which are subtly yet meticulously grouped together: representing the human complexity of the mind.

Lisa Shulte

Shulte is an American artist, also known as “The Neon Queen”, who is best known for her work in expressive neon sculpture. Schulte started bending neon in the early 1980s, creating custom neon signs and neon prop rentals to the entertainment industry under her Los Angeles-based neon studio, Nights of Neon.

Lola Okunola

Lola Okunola is an award winning mixed media artist who has created and sold art pieces all over the world. Through her paintings and mixed media projects, she seeks to examine the nuances and complexities of identity. Her vibrant and colorful pieces are made of materials such as paper, leather, fabrics, paint, and mediums to create texture and 3D effects. Her artwork is often inspired by traditional African and Asian culture and fashion, which she combines with modern techniques to create pieces that evoke a deep emotional journey.

Martin enricci

Born in Las Perdices, a small town in the southern region of the province of Córdoba, Argentina, Enricci embarked on a creative journey that seamlessly blended his architectural training with an innate passion for artistic expression. After completing his studies in Architecture at the prestigious National University of Córdoba, he settled inVilla María, Córdoba, where he has resided and worked for the past six years.

Michael Baker

After over 30 years as a metal sculptor, Michael Baker has turned his attention to creating artwork incorporating a wide variety of mixed media materials. He has always been drawn to experimentation and exploration, and wanted to use a material that was versatile. Michael has found that simple everyday materials can be recycled and used to create a sophisticated piece of art.

Piers Henry

Piers Henry is a bespoke furniture company based in Cheshire, England. They have a passion for turning their designs into high quality hand crafted furniture pieces. They use materials such as steel, concrete and glass so they can allow themselves to be as creative as they desire.Each piece goes through their production process in Cheshire and is hand built with techniques they have developed over a number of years.

Robert Standish

For twenty years, Los Angeles painter Robert Standish had been abstracting reality by altering his own powerful and moving photo-realistic paintings of daily life. Seven years ago, Standish shifted away from constructing life-like replicas of the world, and into an investigation of the unconscious unknown through abstraction. His move into an Abstract Expressionist “wet-on-wet” technique developed in tandem with his interests in cosmology and topography, in addition to psychological theory – namely, Dr. Carl Jung’s notion and analysis of the human psyche.

Toni Martin

Toni Martin is a self-taught artist from Dallas, Texas who uses different mediums to express her personal themes.Her work is bright and colorful, using materials that create engaging textures and forms. Martin’s art is said to create a visual representation of the universal bond between people through music, shapes, sounds, and colors. 


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