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Julia Hacker is a multidisciplinary artist who divides her time between Oakland, USA, and Toronto, Canada. She is known for her work in various traditional and mixed mediums, including acrylic paint and handmade collage. Julia holds the distinction of being an Elected Member of the Canadian Society of Artists.

Born and raised in Minsk, Belarus, Julia‘s artistic journey began early, and she pursued her passion after leaving her hometown at 17 to study art. She achieved a Master’s Degree from Belorussian University and embarked on a successful career as a leading fashion designer in the Fashion Center. Her creative talents extended to creating stage costumes for music performers and singers, as well as contributing a monthly spread to a local fashion magazine.

In 1990, following the Chornobyl nuclear meltdown, Julia relocated to Canada, settling in Toronto. This pivotal move marked a new chapter in her artistic career. Over the years, she devoted herself to honing her skills by participating in various workshops and art classes, continually expanding her repertoire of techniques and artistic knowledge. Today, Julia Hacker is a full-time artist with international recognition for her exceptional talent.

Julia has amassed an impressive body of work, sharing her art through numerous solo and group exhibitions across notable locations, including Canada, Toronto, New York, California, and Texas. Her artistic versatility shines through as she collaborates closely with interior designers and real estate agents, taking on commissions and installations in diverse artistic contexts. Julia Hacker’s artistic journey is a testament to her dedication and passion for creating captivating and meaningful art.”



Artist Statement

“As a contemporary artist, my work explores hope and the birth of new beginnings. Hope, a formidable force even in the darkest of times, is the cornerstone of my creative journey. I delve into the world of floral motifs to capture the delicate fragments of beauty that resemble a glimmer of light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. My palette, rich with vibrant colours, intriguing shapes, and opulent textures, seeks to convey the cyclical essence of life and the enduring hope that resides within it.
My latest series of works draws inspiration from the Baroque period’s profound emphasis on beauty and emotion. Art, as a powerful medium, possesses the remarkable ability to evoke emotions and transport viewers to different realms. The grandeur and drama inherent in the Baroque era provide the perfect canvas for me to articulate my artistic ideas. It is my aspiration to present this body of work through your gallery. My mission is clear: to inspire viewers to look beyond their current circumstances and rediscover hope in the promise of renewal. In the tapestry of existence, every ending weaves the potential for a new beginning, and every obstacle shapes the path to growth and transformation.
In a world that can sometimes seem overwhelming, it is vital to anchor ourselves in hope and remember that, despite the challenges, there is always the opportunity for renewal. My artwork serves as a jubilant reminder of this eternal truth, celebrating the enduring beauty that emerges from it.”


Penny by Haleh Mashian


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JAN 20 - FEB 23, 2024

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