Sneakers & Gum (Taxi Yellow)

Collection: Perseverancia
Edition: 03/20
Description: Jordan 1 “Taxi Yellow” sneaker with black laces attached to pink
bubblegum, full casted, sanded and polished by hand in transparent
Size: 10″ x 14″ x 12″
Height: 25cm
Weight: 16kg
Year: 2023

“Within this collection, I present a metaphor about perseverance, represented by a
sneaker attached to a piece of chewing gum that he found in the path of his walk.
The work is presented in a fresh and cheerful way as a reminder that we must
continue forward on our path, despite the adversities represented in The Gum.”

-Emmanuel Meneses




The use of the Nike shoe in this piece adds a touch of pop culture and consumerism to the artwork. Nike, being a well-known and iconic brand, carries its own cultural significance. By incorporating it into the piece, the artist brings together different layers of meaning and invites viewers to reflect on the intersection of art, popular culture, and personal journeys.

This artistic representation is a playful and non-serious approach to exploring profound concepts. It encourages viewers to embrace the notion of stepping forward in life, regardless of the challenges that may arise. The visual impact of the piece, with its magnifying effects and multiple reflections, adds depth and intrigue to the overall experience. It serves as a reminder to keep moving forward, embracing growth, and overcoming obstacles along the way.

This sculptural piece is a captivating combination of art, pop culture, consumerism, and philosophical aspects, presented through a Nike shoe encased in a resin box. The shoe itself is designed in black, yellow, and white, representing a vibrant and eye-catching visual.

What makes this piece intriguing is the dynamic portrayal of the shoe taking a step forward. The shoelaces are depicted as if they are floating in the air, casted in clear resin. However, the heel of the shoe is stuck firmly to the ground by a a piece of gum. This clever metaphor symbolizes the idea of moving forward in life, regardless of the obstacles that come our way.

The artist skillfully combines various elements to create a multi-dimensional viewing experience. From every corner, the clear resin box offers different angles and perspectives of the shoe. It has a magnifying quality, as if the viewer is looking through a lens or a magnifier. This unique presentation gives the impression that the shoe is alive, with reflections and mirroring effects that create additional artwork in front, to the sides, and at the back of the shoe.




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