JUNE 10 - JULY 27, 2023


Exhibition Overview


Behold the tumultuous state of the world today, where every individual seems to possess their own idiosyncratic strain of “loco”. It seems like everyone is afflicted with a touch of normal “loco-ness”. So don’t be afraid to go consciously loco with Mash Gallery!


Let’s indulge in the conscious craziness that awaits you here! The uproarious work of each artist is a testament to our collective insanity. And the best part? No one is harmed in the process. We all seem to be tolerating each other’s loco-ness to a degree or another, but when it becomes completely unconscious and in total service to the ego, what do we do? We turn to art!


This exhibition is an invitation to enjoy the wild imagination, dark and humorous thoughts and insights of each artist’s work. The joy, curiosity, and liberation expressed by the untethered psyche of each artist is not only emotionally charged, but also technically advanced, a unique brand of their loco-ness.


Let’s revel in the beauty and wonder of our collective insanity at this upcoming exhibition!

featured artists


Aaron Sheppard’s work speaks eloquently about constructing and projecting identity, religiosity, sexuality, and counterfactual historicism. His filter is the culture’s love of fame and/or pornography, mixed with the romance and perversion of classical allegorical portraiture. His lavish materiality finds a narrative function for neon light tubes, thick heavy paint, and extreme mannerism in his mostly nude figures, forcing people to deal with the inconvenient object and not just the idea of it. 


Alexander Varvaridze is a visual artist best known for his paintings. He employs a very distinctive approach in his work consisting of figurative shapes and colors. His portraits show him as an emotional painter rather than a realist, which gives his work a lot of room for interpretation. Alexander’s abstract work mobilizes the tensions and harmonies between matte surfaces, natural patterns, textures built with layered surfaces of oil paint and additional mediums.


I am not unique. My work depends upon this basic assertion as an underpinning upon which to build. Specifically, I realize that my life experiences are but a sampling of a broader cultural tapestry; constituted by mutual events, objects, and relationships. My efforts on the canvas seek to mine these core narratives and reconstitute them into meaningful expressions from which I can engage the individual viewer. The body of work produced is a tangential area where traditional narrative, abstraction, and object-oriented works are bound and unified by paint, both literally and metaphorically. – Corey Lamb


Mashian works across various series, each of which has a personal story behind it. Whether inspired by a spiritual experience, introspection, or simply the beauty of the world around her, Mashian is driven by her passion for color, texture, and scale.

“Creativity is my natural religion,” Mashian shares, as she describes the act of creating derives from a divine consciousness, where higher intelligence takes over and the connection with the mind and intuition unite. It is a space where one can channel the divine energy into tangible forms of expression. In this flowing state one becomes fully present and open to receive what is rightfully theirs.



Mark Gavrilovic uses light and industrial materials to create formally innovative sculptures and drawings of natural forms. Connecting his work to the same sensibility that gave rise to Impressionism, Gavrilovic is motivated by his interest in human and animal forms, which he represents through assemblages of loose, colored scraps of cut and polished Plexiglas that resemble modernist biomorphic shapes. Gavrilovic likens his creative process to the act of assembling a puzzle, describing it as an imaginative system rooted in intuitive and fast-paced decision-making. Lighting is a key component in his works—they are often lit from within like lamps—a feature the artist attributes to his interest in design and his study of applied arts.



Massmico Damico is a an Italian artist currently living and working in Prague. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. After years of moving and traveling around the world, he reached New York where he displayed and worked at Gallery Monkdogz Urban Art in Chelsea. After some time sketching the streets of New York, Damico reached a new personal style of painting, being a mix between expressionist and semi-abstract art, including large scale figurative portraits.  



Impulsive by nature, Dune is a multimedia artist exploring the boundaries between fragmentation and integration. Her art represents playful yet determined experimentation to convey flows of consciousness, territorize chaos, and ponder the great wonder that is our existence. Intrigued and humored by human processes, she finds herself peering out upon them from the widest perspective – that we are blips living extraordinary lives upon a planet in an infinitely expanding universe. This perspective is the thread that sews Dune’s work together, a reminder of our fantastic place in the universe. There is no subject too small or meaningless to find its way into her work, and the jumps between subjects and composition, as well as the connections between them, intend to replicate the conditions and curiousness of our existence. 



Italian-American artist Mauritzio Battifora gains much of his inspiration from Renaissance and Baroque painters. Over the last 15 years, Battifora has been perfecting his craft and now has work adorning private collections throughout Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, and New York. In his latest series, he gains inspiration by the iconic Marie Antoinette and her embodiment of equality, individuality, and the power of reinvention.  



Trew Love was born in the heart of the United States in Kansas City. Raised in an art family, Trew was classically trained by her mother, an art teacher, from an early age. At 18,  Trew took her classical art training into her first creative job as a makeup artist.  This path lead her to Los Angeles, where her makeup career came to life. Working on top models backstage at New York Fashion Week for Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and Philip Lim and everyday women alike, Trew refined her skill and learned of her deep passion for making women feel beautiful. Trew’s dream of merging her love for connection, art, and makeup seeded the inspiration for “Trew Basics,” an illustrated makeup tutorial book.




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