An Introspection to the World of Fantasy

Mash Gallery is pleased to present a series of work by expressionist artist Haleh Mashian from our upcoming exhibition, “GO LOCO”, on view through July 27.


MOMENTUM Within this mixed media composition, it portrays a woman ensnared within the intricate web of suppressed desires. The figure, boldly defying the constraints imposed upon her, emerges as a testament to defying the gravitational pull of longing. The abstract embodiment of this struggle, meticulously crafted through a fusion of acrylic, resin, and glitter, imbues this figurative artwork with a contemporary twist.


Welcome to my World‘ Mixed media on wood panel, 60″ X 60″

“Welcome To My World” serves as a mesmerizing amalgamation of mixed media and expressionistic techniques. Vibrant hues dance upon the canvas, redefining the conventional notions of femininity and sexuality with an unapologetic fervor. Within this piece, Mashian fearlessly delves into the depths of raw emotion, unmasking the primal nature of human sexuality. With audacious strokes of vibrant colors that demand attention, the artist defies societal expectations and embraces the unabashed expression of raw sexual energy. This piece thrusts the observer into a realm where vulnerability intertwines with unapologetic self-expression.

“Creativity is my religion and imagination is the road to the higher realm of discovery of oneself. When one imagines, everything is possible. ”

– Haleh Mashian



‘So Many Questions, Only One Answer’ Mixed media on wood panel, 48″ X 48″

This colorful and textural mixed media piece is the result of Haleh Mashian’s contemplations during the tumultuous period of the pandemic. The uncertainty that was cast upon the world during this period was the impetus for creating this piece, “So Many Questions”. In her enigmatic wisdom, she alludes to the indisputable truth that death awaits every individual. This work is a testament to the depth of an artistic expression exploring the ephemeral dance of life while embracing our impermanent yet timeless existence. With so many questions asked often about one’s mortality, there is “Only One Answer”. ‘Am I immortal?’


‘The Void’ Mixed media on wood panel, 60″ X 60″

When one stares at the night sky, one can only contemplate about the existence of life in other galaxies. What would a human-being look like if they were of extraterrestrial nature? Mashian fused a ghost-like human figure sitting at the edge of a night sky, looking through a hypnotic gaze at the mystery of what is out there. In this mixed media piece on wood panel, the bold use of brush strokes and jewel-like tones invite the viewer into a realm of galactic fantasy where an explosion of light and color is taking place.


‘Always Looking Outward’, Mixed media on wood panel, 60″ x 60″

Renowned artist Haleh Mashian draws her inspiration from the complex and intricate nature of humanity’s inclination to direct their gaze outward, fixated on external stimuli, while often neglecting their own inner selves. Aptly titled “Always Looking Outward,” her captivating artwork serves as a poignant reminder to redirect our focus inward, encouraging introspection and self-discovery.
“Always Looking Outward” encapsulates the timeless wisdom that lies within the act of self-discovery, inviting all who gaze upon it to embark on a transformative journey of introspection and self-realization. Mashian’s intention was to encourage the viewer to embrace introspection in order to embark on a transcendent state where inner and outer merge.




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