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An exhibition curated by founder of Mash Gallery, Haleh Mashian



We are thrilled to announce another groundbreaking exhibition, “FIELD OF INNOCENCE.” Curated by our very own founder and artist at Mash Gallery, Haleh Mashian, the exhibition opens on Saturday, January 14, 2023, and will feature playful yet highly sophisticated pieces by several local, national, and international artists. The opening exhibition celebration will begin on Saturday at Mash Gallery from 6pm – 9pm. 

The work in this exhibition contains a harmonious and playful balance of sophistication and simplicity, highlighting each artist’s ability to convey a non restrictive and imaginative interpretation of connection to a field we call THE INNOCENCE. Each artist in this exhibition freely expresses the core of who they are today with a sense of abandonment while exploring the innate nature of what art making is all about, the joy of expression. 

In remembrance of their childlike imagination, where everything is magical and pure, they execute a whole disciplined series of work that depicts a blissful, dreamlike world with endless possibilities. With an unencumbered adult sense they posses the tools and abilities to execute works of art, navigating through applied and disciplined art practices, while staying true to being playful and free.

 All the work in this exhibition possesses a sense of spontaneity that simultaneously takes the viewer to the realm of past and present. The timelessness of love where the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’ can be replaced with ‘awareness is bliss. 


AMY ZERNER In her Fabric collage tapestries, Amy portrays the surreal reality and overwhelming power of the connection of human beings and nature through the lens of an ancient metaphysicians The AKASHIC RECORD, where the totality of everything that ever was, is , and will be. The timelessness of her pieces is a window to a nostalgic sense of the past where presence and future resides simultaneously and where love resides. 

“When we truly understand the nature of innocence and resonate with its energy field, we lessen our fear of life’s harsher realities and open our hearts to the frequency of love that is available to us all when we awaken to the fact that, ultimately, we dwell in the Field of Innocence.”

‘Vision Quest’ by Amy Zerner Mixed media collage tapestry 74″ x 45″

KATHERINE LODGE  With her seeming naive and childlike brushstrokes, Katherine Lodge fights the urge to paint the obvious and to allow her vibrant primary color selection, imagination and composition wander around from one doodle to a whole body of work where the sum is greater than the part. 

“I use paint like scissors to cut into shapes and give them a fresh cut paper feel. I have a strong imagination and my paintings are working best when my mind is free to wander”.

JODI BONASSI has spent 3 decades observing and documenting people in places of communal exchange in her paintings. She takes it all in the harshness and beauty of everyday life and chooses to connect to the beauty and purity of it all through her paintings. In her bird series, with a bright color palette, she depicts a place of joy and safety. 

“Like Benjamin button, I return to that place of not knowing- happily not knowing! I am playing with the flowers, the trees, adding dragonflies and other bugs that catch my eye. I am building a safe world for my birds and for myself that I can handle. The beauty of nature cushions me. The birds cover me with their feathers, and I am hatchling in the nest of my own making.” 

‘Golden pheasant In The Garden Of Wishes’ by Jodi Bonassi

MARK ACETELLI is a very masterful in conveying the depth of his subject matter with soft yet intentional brushstrokes that takes the viewer into the journey of an unveiling mystery. He conveys a lot with little. 

“By distilling the painting down to its barest essence of color, composition and form, I seek to express the maximum with the minimal. Thus retaining an innocence and simplicity that cuts through the clutter to achieve a deeper visual dialog with the viewer.”

Three Worlds by Mark Acetelli Acrylic on stretched linen 75 x 75 in

PHILIP LETSU uses both colors in his subjects, the attire they wear, and the places inhabited to evoke a sense of urban lifestyle and culture, while focusing on the power of memories and imagination. His artistic journey confronts issues surrounding representation with the intention to document that which is neglected: the power of innocence. 

“I like innovation in my works because it gives me different opinions every time and my sense of colour also adds some genuineness to the paintings. I try to portray what is in me in a more familiar way.” 

JOHN MONN  Monn’s work utilizes a range of materials, creating theatrical installations, paintings, and sculpture amongst others. He plays with scale both digitally and with physical objects presented in ways to alter perception and to spike curiosity in materials and environment.

IAN RAYER-SMITH Smith’s work conveys this immense energy through a striking use of color. The abandonment of all intellect connects his work to the essence of a true painter, where the brushstrokes are deliberate but free.

I am influenced by the Abstract Expressionists – for their emotional rawness and mark making, and also by the Renaissance – for composition, light and movement. Onto these I layer influences from contemporary culture and my own personal experience. I aim to instil a classical feel into my work whilst finding new visual paths, with the result hopefully being an exploration of the purpose of painting itself.”


“I am always fascinated by the innate power of color, energy, and composition that a piece of art can exude, to transport the viewer to a new realm of mystery where everything is real yet imagined.” 

‘Field of Innocence’ by Haleh Mashian Mixed media on canvas 48″ x 48″

Be sure to check out the ‘Field of Innocence’ exhibit at Mash Gallery! 

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006’ by John Monn. Candy color, clearcoat and silver deposits over polyprimer and epoxy on epoxy soaked triple wall cardboard and bondo with wood hanging



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