Sacred Waters Opens This Weekend At Mash Gallery, Los Angeles

Sharon Griffin, California Herald, October 20, 2021

Located in the downtown Los Angeles arts district, Haleh Mashian’s Gallery, MASH, has become a mecca for artistic souls fostering creativity in their community! Mashian founded her thriving space in 2019; MASH has since made a name for itself through impressive showcases and exhibitions featuring compelling contemporary artists’ work.

Throughout the challenges of a global pandemic, MASH Gallery featured over 30 local artists in outdoor shows and modified spaces. Now MASH is rounding out another successful and inspiring year with an exhibit from Mashian herself.


“As an artist, I know how important it is to experience art in real life and the power it has to connect people.” Mashian states.


After a gloomy year, Mashian’s SACRED WATERS is the uplifting influence the world needs at this moment. She comments on her motivations for creating her stunning works, “It’s all about self-expression while being authentic. The more creative and expressive you are, the more intelligent you become, and that’s what art is: creativity, expression, and intelligence. Manifesting something that was not there before, bringing it to life, and creating something out of nothing.”