Art Selection for Interior Design: A Guide for Designers

As an interior designer, you know the power of a well-placed piece of art. Whether it’s a vibrant painting or a subtle sculpture, art can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. But how do you choose the right piece for your client’s space? In this guide, we’ll explore different art styles such as minimalist and modern, and how they can complement various interior designs.

Understanding Your Client’s Style

The first step in selecting the perfect artwork for your client is understanding their personal style. Are they drawn to clean lines and neutral colors? Or do they prefer bold patterns and vibrant hues? Though this seems straightforward, it can be surprisingly difficult to nail down, especially when balancing the needs and wants of more than one client in a home or space. Once you’ve established their preferences, though, you can start to look for art that will fit seamlessly into their home.

ADJUSTED-LIGHT - MAGENTA on display in a minimalist setting
ADJUSTED LIGHT (MAGENTA LIGHT) by Andy Harwood, Synthetic polymer on canvas, 48” x 40”

Minimalist Art for Minimalist Spaces

Minimalist art, characterized by its simplicity and lack of detail, is an excellent choice for minimalist spaces. This style of art often uses a limited color palette and simple shapes, making it a perfect match for a minimalist interior design.

When selecting minimalist art, consider pieces that use geometric forms and neutral colors. These pieces can add a touch of sophistication to a minimalist space without overwhelming it. Large-scale minimalist paintings or prints can also serve as a stunning focal point in a minimalist room. A piece with too many bold colors or a lot of detail might threaten to draw all of the attention to itself and throw off the overall balance and aesthetic of a space.

Modern Art for Modern Interiors

Modern art, with its emphasis on innovation and experimentation, is a natural fit for modern interiors. This style of art often features abstract forms, bold colors, and unconventional materials, making it a dynamic addition to any modern space.

When choosing modern art, don’t be afraid to select pieces that push boundaries. A large abstract painting or a sculptural piece can add a unique element to a modern room. Keep in mind that modern art is all about personal expression, so choose pieces that resonate with your client’s personality and aesthetic preferences.

PSYCHIATWIST: ORANGE YOU GLAD YOU’RE FEELING BETTER? by Trew Love, Acrylic, spray paint, diamond dust on canvas, 64″ x 48″

Balancing Art and Space

When selecting art for a space, it’s important to consider the size of the room and the scale of the furniture. A large piece of art can overwhelm a small room, while a small piece can get lost in a large room.

Consider the color scheme of the room as well. If the room features neutral tones, a piece of art with bold colors can serve as a stunning focal point. On the other hand, if the room already has a lot of color, a more subdued piece might be a better fit. Also, keep in mind the color palette you have chosen for the room and select art with colors, shades, and hues that complement them, whatever color scheme type you choose (monochromatic, complementary, analogous, triadic, etc.).

Selecting the right artwork for your client’s space is both an art and a science. It requires a deep understanding of your client’s style, a keen eye for design, and a bit of intuition. By considering the style of the space, the scale of the room, and the color scheme, you can choose pieces that not only complement the interior design but also elevate it.

Remember, art is subjective. What one person loves, another might not. The most important thing is to choose artwork that your client loves and that makes their space feel like home. Because at the end of the day, a well-designed home is one that reflects the people who live in it.



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