How Contemporary Art is Transforming Interior Design Trends

“Art should never be an afterthought in interior design. It should be considered in the initial stages of designing a space.”

— Nate Berkus
Dorado by Haleh Mashian on Display
DORADO by Haleh Mashian, Mixed media on canvas 72 x 72 in, $10,000

Contemporary art is having a major influence on interior design trends, bringing an innovative and fresh perspective to the field. In the past, art was often considered an afterthought in interior design–something to be added to a space once everything else had been chosen. However, contemporary art is changing that paradigm and becoming a central focal point in interior design. Let’s explore how contemporary art is transforming interior design trends and changing the way we think about incorporating art into our living spaces.

The Intersection of Contemporary Art and Interior Design

The relationship between contemporary art and interior design is a symbiotic one, with each field influencing the other. Contemporary art is often designed with the intention of being exhibited in spaces, and in turn, interior design becomes a key factor in how a piece of art is experienced. As a result, interior designers are increasingly turning to contemporary art as a way to elevate and enhance their designs.

Making a Statement

Contemporary art’s bold and unapologetic nature means that it’s particularly well-suited to the current trend for maximalist design. Statement pieces are becoming increasingly popular, with interior designers choosing to make a statement with color, texture, and abstract shapes. Contemporary art, with its emphasis on pushing boundaries and breaking conventions, provides the perfect complement to this trend. As Dorothy Draper once quipped: “I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk.”

Balancing the Elegance

Of course, not everyone is looking for a bold, maximalist design. For those who prefer a more understated look, contemporary art can provide an elegant, refined touch. Architect and designer Deborah Berke once noted that “minimalism is designing to allow the art, the books, the view, the people—whatever matters most to the inhabitant—to be the soul of the space.” Artwork with a minimalist aesthetic, featuring abstract shapes and neutral colors, can add a sophisticated, high-end look to any space and become its central feature.

A Collaborative Approach

Many contemporary artists are working closely with interior designers to create pieces that are perfectly suited to a specific space. This collaborative approach ensures that the artwork is seamlessly integrated into the design and that the space is optimized to showcase the art at its best. While art is inherently a personal expression, artists also want their work to be seen and enjoyed in people’s lives.

HARMONY IN THE KEY OF YELLOW by Bryan Ricci, Pure pigment, sand, mixed media on linen
138 x 72 in, $11,000

The Power of Color

Color is a powerful tool in interior design, and contemporary art is no exception. Artwork with bold color choices can add energy and vibrancy to a space, while more muted tones provide a calming effect. Artwork is an excellent way to bring color and energy into a space without having to commit to a permanent change such as painting the walls or changing the furniture. To take a tip from Carleton Varney, Mr. Color himself, “Color is magic.”

Abstract Shapes and Texture

Contemporary art is known for its experimental approach to shape and form, and this is something that interior designers are embracing wholeheartedly. Artwork that features textured surfaces, abstract shapes, and striking lines can add a sense of depth and dimension to a space. From sinuous, organic curves to sharp-edged angles, artwork can add an extra dimension to a room, complementing the space in ways that furniture, floor, and wall coverings simply can’t by being both a part of the room and apart from it.

Contemporary art is an exciting and innovative field that’s transforming the way we think about interior design. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or add refinement to a space, there’s a contemporary art piece that’s perfectly suited to your needs. By embracing the synergy between these two fields, interior designers are creating sleek, modern, and memorable spaces that are both beautiful and functional.



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