Indulgence Unleashed: A Mesmeric Stroll through Mash Gallery’s Latest Art Exhibition

In the pulsating heart of the Los Angeles art scene, Mash Gallery has once again ensnared aficionados of the avant-garde with its most recent spectacle: Indulgence. This meticulously curated exhibition, pulsating with the very lifeblood of contemporary art, invites patrons to plunge headlong into a realm where indulgence reigns supreme. Stepping over the threshold of Mash Gallery is akin to entering a world where artistic expressions unfurl like delicate petals, beckoning observers to traverse the enigmatic boundaries of sensory rapture and decadence.

PENNY by Haleh Mashian, Acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 42″

This exhibition comprises an eclectic mélange of paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media works, each narrating a singular tale. As one meanders through the gallery, you are pulled into the warm embrace of sensuous tones or drawn towards the electric energy pulsating from avant-garde masterpieces. Through the audacious interplay of color, light, and form, the artists deftly wield vibrant hues and dynamic shapes to encapsulate the intensity and opulence inherent in indulgent experiences.

A standout attribute of Indulgence lies in its profound capacity to incite reflection and introspection. Through the lens of art, the exhibition beckons viewers to scrutinize their own dalliance with indulgence and the myriad ways it manifests in the tapestry of their lives. Whether reveling in hedonistic pleasures, casting light on our commercial obsessions, or chasing the mirage of material opulence, the exhibition extends an invitation to traverse the intricate layers of one’s desires. From the provocatively charged to the contemplatively nuanced, the art spins a distinct narrative.

YOURS ONLY 2 by Johannes Wessmark
YOURS ONLY 2 by Johannes Wessmark, Acrylic and pencil on paper, 22.4″ X 22.4″

Among the distinguished creations is a series of canvases by the venerable artist Johannes Wessmark, whose masterful use of light and color orchestrates a photorealistic symphony for the senses. Wessmark’s oeuvre, inspired by the interplay of luxury and decadence, urges spectators to contemplate the intricacies of desire and the ephemeral nature of indulgence.

Likewise, the paintings of Trew Love glisten with decadence, simultaneously marveling at and mocking the rich offerings on display on her canvas. Meanwhile, the works of Mash founder Haleh Mashian and Sharon Brooks take incisive, at times absurdist, swipes at our culture’s crass commercialism. And Maurizio Battifora’s imagining of Marie Antoinette, whose very name has become synonymous with opulence, as the Queen of Diamonds with her head separated from her shoulder and holding a luxurious Birkin bag, warns of the cost of excessive indulgence.

HUNGRY FOR LOVE by Trew Love, Acrylic on canvas, 54″ x 48″

On the other end of the spectrum, the photography of William Broder revels in an explosion of color and the sensuousness of life, while the strong brushstrokes of Julie Hacker create surreal floating still lifes that glorify the beauty of nature in wondrous hues. Alongside these, the evocative works of Aaron Sheppard explore the sexual aspects of indulgence in stark and intricate detail.

The exhibition also boasts a selection of sculptures by Emmanuel Meneses, pieces seemingly almost frozen in time through his use of resin and hand-polished polymers. Meneses’ three-dimensional work, captures the fleeting nature of indulgence – a suspended moment, akin to a transient escape from reality.

DIET COKE by Emmanuel Meneses - Handcrafted briefcase consisting on 14 Coca-Cola Light mini cans full
casted in transparent resin, sanded and polished by hand.
DIET COKE by Emmanuel Meneses, Handcrafted briefcase consisting on 14 Coca-Cola Light mini cans full
casted in transparent resin, sanded and polished by hand, 12″ x 17.5″ X 3″

Mash Gallery has consistently been at the vanguard of championing emerging talents, and Indulgence seamlessly continues this tradition. The exhibition introduces a cadre of artists whose creations delve into the intersection of personal desires and societal norms. From the raw and provocative to the refined and sophisticated, these artists weave their narratives into the rich tapestry of perspectives.

To complement the physical exhibition, Mash Gallery has curated an online experience, extending an invitation to art enthusiasts globally to partake in this indulgent journey. The digital platform offers profound insights into each artist’s wellspring of inspiration, their creative alchemy, and the thematic threads that intricately bind the exhibition together. Indulgence is on display through February at Mash Gallery in West Hollywood.



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