Abstract Artist Haleh Mashian’s New Show Opens To Rave Reviews

CHRISTINE PEAKE, Press Party, October 25, 2021

Mashian Secures Her Place As One Of This Generations Leading Artists

A Visual Representation Of Earth’s Natural Beauty And Elements


Contemporary artist Haleh Mashian opened the final exhibition of the year with her newest series, SACRED WATERS at MASH Gallery in the Arts District, in downtown Los Angeles.


This showstopper of a collection highlights Mashian’s mastery of texture and three-dimensionality in her work, allowing her conceptual vision to flow beyond the confines of the canvas. SACRED WATERS offers an immersive experience, where paint, palette and materials embody the liquid properties of water.


The opening night of this stunning exhibit was packed full of art fans, Hollywood elite and even a couple of well known comedians came to support Mashian, who looked striking in her silver dress and boots than merged and twinkled into the backdrop of her vast art pieces.


The exhibit is definitely one to visit for all art fans. The depth and beauty of these exceptional pieces of art are a sight to see.


SACRED WATERS establishes the ocean and its waves as Mashian’s primary inspiration. “Each wave is unique, but part of a whole that is constantly rising, yet surrendering to the mass of the ocean—only to rise again,” describes Mashian. “It’s symbolic of the cycle of life and death.”


“Water preserves and water destroys,” Mashian observes. “I tapped into the energy of water—constantly creating, destroying and also preserving. I felt the ebb and flow in my approach to doing these series, with a very fierce calm energy. Water is never stuck. When the weather is cold, water changes to ice, with heat comes it becomes vapor. When something is in its path, water goes around it or waits patiently till it gathers enough force to conquer its obstacle.”