California Apparel News

Andrew Asch, California Apparel News, July 23, 2020

"The time is also right for independent operations to introduce swimwear and cultivate this category of the apparel business. In early July, Haleh Mashian, a contemporary painter, owner and founder of the Mash Gallery in downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District,

introduced Mash City, an e-commerce store for the gallery. The gallery has sold T-shirts,
dresses, skirts and socks with prints of her art. Earlier this month, Mash City also
introduced swimwear, which is available at"
The swimwear features florals from Mashian’s art series “La Vie En Rose.” Pieces that
feature rose-like florals come with backgrounds including white, black and yellow.
Women’s styles include one-piece suits and bikinis. The collection also features masks
that are matched to the bikini styles and are included with purchase. A men’s style is also
available in a trunk cut bearing the artist’s floral print. Retail price points for the suits
range from $110 to $180. Mashian forecasted that art-inspired fashion lovers would seek
more novelty during a year when people are urged to stay home.
“Art is not only for the walls. People can wear art everywhere they go,” she said. “Wear it,
use it, enjoy it and stay inspired.”