Haleh Mashian and Her Journey To Global Success With MASH Gallery

Jonathan Matis, ABOUT INSIDER, April 6, 2021

What started as Haleh Mashian’s love for art has quickly evolved into a globally successful brand, captivating audiences everywhere. How did she do it?

Originally from Iran, Mashian has spent over twenty years creating art, effortlessly illustrating her unique view of the world in each of her pieces. She is an expressionist artist who works in a variety of media, focusing on large scale paintings that abstractly portray life’s simple beauties. These large scale collages are painted from live models and yet reflect the feminine sublime and its energy in shaping environments. From Los Angeles to Miami, her pieces have been featured in public and private collections all across the country.

Haleh Mashian

Mashian works largely off of her own intuition, carefully translating it into form with thick layers of acrylic paint that reveal the rich color of her expressivity. This intuition has privileged these collage and impasto techniques. Haleh Mashian has also worked in digital mediums, experimenting with different compositional..